Thursday, December 31, 2009


Happy New Year's Eve!!

Marley, the Babas, and I celebrated New Year's Eve having a tea party with Marley's American Girl Dolls. Marley's day care lady, Junie, had given Marley an M&M cookie bar recipe and ingredients in a jar for Christmas. Actually Marley decorated the jar and helped put the ingredients in it. Junie also gave her "Snowman Soup" in a mug. Marley and I made the M&M cookie bars and hot chocolate. We all enjoyed a fun party. Thanks, Junie, the bars were delicious!

Thanks, everyone, for sharing Project 365 2009 with me. It has been an interesting project that I'm sure I will enjoy looking back on. There are so many pictures of just every day life that I would never have thought to take normally.

This year I will be continuing Debbie's Blog, not exactly like Project 365, but still trying to record the special and ordinary bits of life!


Janice said...

Alans' parents used to have Amy and Jeff overnight for New Years eve when they were Marleys age. They have very happy memories of making "special food" and having baloons and noise makers.

Linda L. said...

Deb, I am going to miss Project 365. It was always a pleasant spot in my evening. BUT having your Blog to look forward to makes it easier to say good-by to

Debbie said...

Janice, Kristen and Mark used to stay occasionally at Paul's parents on New Year's Eve also. I remember one year; they were probably about 8 and 10. Priscilla had pulled her back the day before but didn't tell me until I brought them over to her house. She insisted she would be alright, they were old enough to where she wouldn't have to do much with them. Well, during the middle of the night one of them got sick and threw up, and the other one seeing it threw up also. Poor Priscilla was on her hands and knees cleaning it up with a bad back - my father-in-law was not good at all with things of that nature. I still remember that. I felt awful the next day when I went to pick up the kids. The things grandparents do for their grandchildren - I am just learning this. LOL!

Debbie said...

Linda, One of the fun things about doing a blog is the comments from other people. I have to say that you were my most frequent commenter and I really enjoyed hearing from you. Hopefully you will enjoy Debbie's Blog just as much.

Doreen said...

Congrats on the great job. I have a hard time keeping up on my blog you did a great job every day, glad you will still have your blog.